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Volumul X - Numarul 2 (37) 2014

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura - Volumul X 2014 - Numarul 2 (37)

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1 Coordination Redactor 683
2 Avant-propos Alvaro ROCCHETTI, Louis BEGIONI, Sophie SAFFI 780
3 The deflexivity, from Latin to Romance languages: a useful concept for the didactics ofdiachrony; examples in French and Italian Louis BEGIONI 617
4 Proposed modelling, transformed modelling: two successive syntaxes for French’s unstressed personal pronouns Pierre BLANCHAUD 671
5 The Genesis of the Work of Art according to Henri Maldiney : The Contribution of Gustave Guillaume's Theory of Language to Pictural Phenomenology Catherine CHAUCHE 606
6 The Antropo-logical Issues of the Guillaumian Theory according to André Jacob Catherine CHAUCHE 701
7 Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Relations in the Construction of a Linguistic Sign and Linguistic Creativity Francesca CHIUSAROLI 669
8 The Acquisition of the Present Subjunctive in French: a Matter of Impressions to Capture Guy CORNILLAC 635
9 The Stuttering, a Aphasia which Affects Mechanism of Incidence Christiane Félicité EWANE ESSOH 694
10 The Lexeme in Guillaume and the Mass/Count Dichotomy in English Walter HIRTLE 654
11 A Contribution to a History of the Theories about the Acquisition of Language. The Psychomecanics Perspective Alberto MANCO 764
12 From Guillaume’s ‘Deponent Verb’ to the Unaccusative Hypothesis Stages of a Metalinguistic Notion Stella MERLIN 701
13 Map of the Use of the Lexeme Système in “Temps et verbe” by G. Guillaume. Towards Translatology Orientation Francesco PARISI 708
14 Déjà and schon : Similarities and Differences Louise GUÉNETTE, PATTEE 700
15 Gustave Guillaume: Philosopher of Mind? Between Linguistics and Philosophy Pititto ROCCO 647
16 The Gradual Reduction of Forms and Uses of the Subjunctive Mood in Roman Languages in Conjunction with the Extension of the Indicative Mood : what is the Significance of this Evolution ? Alvaro ROCCHETTI 517
17 Psychomechanics, Systemic Coherences and Romance Intercomprehension Sophie SAFFI, Sandrine CADDEO, Romana TIMOC-BARDY, Stéphane PAGES, Béatrice CHARLET-MESDJIAN, José Manuel Catarino SOARES 632
18 Systemic Coherence of Portuguese Gender and Portuguese Sign Language Classifiers José Manuel Catarino SOARES, José Humberto Medeiros BETTENCOURT 667
19 Gustave Guillaume Revisited by Maurice Toussaint : Claiming Filiation while Critically Reevaluating and Originally Exploiting the Theory Francis TOLLIS 808
20 Time and Spatial Representation Renée TREMBLAY 686
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