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Volumul IX - Numarul 1 (32) 2013

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura - Volumul IX 2013 - Numarul 1 (32)

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1 Interpretation of Rumanian neuter by the number system of Gustave Guillaume Administrator 990
2 Geminates’ demarcating function from Latin to Italian Administrator 1003
3 How to convincingly adjust linguistic content in a media-adequate and didactically appropriate way – and a remark on this content Administrator 889
4 Political Language in Benedetto Varchi’s Storia fiorentina Charles V’s Entry into Florence, 1536 Administrator 911
5 Some echoes of a Danube Banate stinger “Fly”, between history, legend and entomology. Administrator 948
6 Le Corbusier, an Architect on the Way to the East: Impressions and Drawings Administrator 958
7 Literary Returns: HENRIETTE YVONNE STAHL or the Fate of an Exceptional Woman to the Backdrop of Dramatic History Administrator 1028
8 The Rewriting of a Literary Work – Between Esthetics and Ideology Administrator 957
9 Tudor Arghezi between sacred and profane Administrator 1059
10 Multiculturalism and Translation Administrator 1079
11 Interdisciplinary Knowledge. Interpreting in medical settings Administrator 924
12 Austrian education governance restructuring during Maria Theresa Administrator 948
13 An Application of the General Theory of Verbal Humor to Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” Administrator 1024
14 Early Romanian Exegeses of Fowles’s Major Novels: Translations and Critical Studies Published prior to 1989 and in the Early 90s Administrator 794
15 Ştefan GENCĂRĂU, Vasile MAN, Tudor Arghezi – Din duhul pământului, CIRRMI, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Franţa, „Vasile Goldiş” University Press, Arad, România, 2012, 143 p. Administrator 742
16 Rodica ALMĂJAN, Învăţământul românesc din Voivodina, Editura Institutului de Cultură al Românilor din Voivodina, Colecţia Cercetări, Seria Documente bănăţene, Zrenianin, 2010, 371 p. Administrator 799
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura