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Volumul VIII - Numarul 4 (31) 2012

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura - Volumul VIII 2012 - Numarul 4 (31)

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1 The Terminology of The Former Romanian Inheritance Law Adriana SFERLE 1109
2 Specialized Translators: Traditional Documentary Resources and New Technologies in their Service Marie-Evelyne LE PODER 1012
3 About development of transcultural relevance Victoria BARAGA 1079
4 The Communicational Relevance of Personal Deixis in Marin Sorescu’s Dramatic Discourse Corina PĂCURAR 1001
5 Writers of the Sacrificed Generation Claudia MATEI 1129
6 A Trip through the Archives. Presentation of a Selection of Unpublished Manuscripts of Benjamin Fundoianu/Fondane Speranţa Sofia MILANCOVICI 1046
7 The Cultural Implications of Negotiation with Italian Enterprises: A Humanistic Education of Elites Louis BEGIONI 907
8 How Not to Lose Face in International Negotiation – Sociolinguistic and Linguistic Approach Gilbert MAGNUS 967
9 Cultural Differences in the Strategy of the Negotiation between France and Italy: the Approach of the Interlocutor Antonella MAURI 1039
10 Global Trade issues and Cultural Exception Vanessa MARSON 1052
11 Intercultural Negotiation: The “Nomadic” Approach Sandra E. WALKER, Vincent MERK, Sidi Miloud BEL ASRI 1071
12 Linguistic and Cultural Bases of Intercultural Dialogue Olga IVANISHCHEVA 995
13 Cinema as a Didactic Support in Foreign Language Classroom Francesco PEPE 995
14 Translating Linguistic Jokes for Dubbing Elena ALEKSANDROVA 1111
15 The Romanian Translation of G. Swift’s Last Orders: Trying to Keep Faithful to the Original Irina-Ana DROBOT 1468
16 Mihail Gaşpar, Translator Doina BOGDAN-DASCĂLU 1055
17 Didactic Games as an Aid in Learning German Rodica Teodora BIRIŞ 1032
18 Differences of Translation in the Field of Chromonyms in two Romanian Versions of the Bible: BB 1688 and Anania 2001. An Attempt of Typology Silvia Nicoleta BALTĂ 747
19 Cultural Intricacies: Proverb-Based Wordplay and Irony in Translation Ligia BRĂDEANU 1153
20 Louis BEGIONI, Sophie SAFFI, Ştefan GENCĂRĂU, Marco CASTAGNA (coord), Sistemi linguistici – Sisteme lingvistice – Sistèmes linguistiques Anca-Elena DANCIU 808
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Studii de Stiinta si Cultura