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Volumul VIII - Numarul 3 (30) 2012

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura - Volumul VIII 2012 - Numarul 3 (30)

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1 Can We Speak of Cyclicity in the Evolution of Languages ? The Concept of “Deflexivity” in the Typological Evolution of the Romance Languages, the Examples of French, Italian and Romanian Louis Begioni 700
2 Gender Bias in Sports Reporting: Female Athletes in the British Press Diane Ponterotto 940
3 The Names of Numbers. Linguistic Considerations Alberto Manco 930
4 Language and Identity in the English Version of Italian University Webistes: Preliminary Research Results Laura Ferrarotti 853
5 Sacred and Profane in the Quattrocento Jean-Louis Charlet 927
6 How to Rrespond to Society? Public Legitimation Strategies in Postmodern German Pop Song Lyrics and in French Existentialist Philosophy Hans W: GIESSEN 689
7 History by Chance: Maramures County cut in Two (Historical Features of Right Bank Tisa Roumanian Villages) Camelia BURGHELE 895
8 The Comparative Adverbial Structures. A Contrastive Study Silvia Andreia PINTEA 1017
9 German Translation Theories and Their Practicalness Carol Alexandru MOHR 1037
10 Female Voices of the Diaspora - Romanian Poetry in Vojvodina Virginia POPOVIĆ, Vladimir BAROVIĆ 908
11 Titu Maiorescu, Polyglot and Translator Bogdan Mihai DASCĂLU 904
12 Methods in Teaching of Foreign Languages Rodica BIRIŞ 929
13 Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. A Sartrian Existentialist Critique Gianina Daniela SabĂu 1006
14 Ioana BOT, Eminescu explicat fratelui meu, Editura Art, București, 2012, 271 p. Anca-Elena DANCIU 1261
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura