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Volumul VIII - Numarul 1 (28) 2012

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura - Volumul VIII 2012 - Numarul 1 (28)

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1 The bankcard agreement in Spanish and French: a comparative and descriptive study Marie-Evelyne LE PODER 1018
2 Interactions between the Semantic Aspect and the Verbal Aspect in French and Italian Louis BEGIONI 914
3 Auctoritas in the Proses of the Vulgar Language Alberto MANCO, Vincenzo PARDO 1037
4 The Evolution of the Russian Language after 1991 Christine BRACQUENIER 972
5 Putting into perspective of the cleavage State-Church in Mexico Rubén TORRES-MARTÍNEZ 1005
6 The Poetry of Grigore Vieru between the Subversive Verb and the Messianic Discourse Timofei ROŞCA 897
7 The linguistic regime of the European Union. A multilingual union under the aegis of the principle of the new european humanism: unity in diversity Sorin IVAN 915
8 For a Pragmatic Approach to Marin Sorescu’s Theater. The Ironic Speech Corina Mihaela PĂCURAR 939
9 The Writing – Between Pleasure and Constraint Simona CONSTANTINOVICI 1039
10 Adrian Marino, The life of a Single Man or on the Meaning of Ideological Florina ILIS 1026
11 Slogans and meanings – a grammatical, semantic and stylistic analysis Marinela Doina NISTEA 1189
12 The Romanian architectural publications until the end of the Second World War Gabriela TABACU 866
13 Aspects of Contextual Translation of Phraseologisms. Case Study Ramona-Olga POHOAŢĂ 963
14 A. Gide’s ‘Paludes’ – between Talent and Work Adina BANDICI 1033
15 German Language – Native Doctors versus Non-Native Patients Narcisa Ţirban, Jörg C. Schwarz 1055
16 Anglicisms Used in Advertising Rodica BIRIŞ 2776
17 Vasile Frăţilă, Toponimie şi dialectologie Anca-Elena DANCIU 1529
18 Les Cahiers du Littoral, Unité de Recherche sur l’Histoire, les Langues, les Littératures et l’Interculturel (H.L.L.I.) de l’Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, Aachen, Shaker Verlag, No. 7 / 2010 Speranţa Sofia MILANCOVICI 712
19 Rusu, Mina-Maria, Poetica sacrului, Colecţia Academica, Seria Litere, Editura Institutul European, Iaşi, 2005 Cristina SAVA 1259
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura